Can You Handle A Racist Joke? – video –

Can you handle A Racist Joke? If a Stranger walked up to you and said:

What do you call a white kid in college?   A Student

What Do you call a Mexican in college?     A janitor

What do you call a black kid in college?   A miracle.

Would you be offended;

I personally happen to love comedy, the riskier the Family-Guy-quagmire-in-chairbetter. To me comedians stimulate thought. We are living in turbulent times, I feel on the verge of another civil war. Police brutality, heritage over a flag, race baiting violence and a biased media misleading everyone. So does a joke contain some of the answers to a age old problem. If not but creating dialogue. IDK just my opinion but there is a reason why the Joker can be the most powerful card in the deck.

 Comedians take risk to tell a story, hit a punchline and b3b2dd68d67d3f99190babc249041f1c
often times offend. Hell it ain’t funny if somebody feelings don’t hurt. The 
Jokes can be  racist, offensive, or oppressive. But is it truth hidden in laughter. Are the comedians saying in public what cowards are whispering in private. Tell me, how do you handle these awkward moments? Prepare to laugh or be offended. DSK 

This goes out to everyone that showed up at church at 9 am this morning & are still there. Keep the faith you should be out before Monday hopefully. Subscribe to my youtube page

Posted by Gary Owen on Sunday, May 17, 2015







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